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Arms and armours
Tyrrel Armouries
(United Kingdom)
Tyrrell Armour is constructed in the traditional way, hand forged and planished to produce truly spectacluar and accurate armour, we are constantly adding to our web site images of past work so remember to call back to see more items of armour from across the centuries.
Robert R. MacPherson
Producer of high-quality harnesses and individual pieces of armor, emphasizing replicas and historically accurate extrapolations from original works.
Special projects
The Mediaeval Trust
(United Kingdom)
A newly formed charity here in Norfolk called The Mediaeval Trust needs your support. It plans to build a fantastic late-mediaeval experience near Norwich, known as the MAREC project. [Mediaeval Active Research & Education Centre.] Much more than a static village...
Associations and partner groups
The Medieval Centre
The Medieval Centre is an open air experimental museum. The museum recreates an authentic late century environment and offers exitement and activities for the entire family.
The Scriptorium
(United Kingdom)
The Scriptorium is a site dedicated to all things medieval, from recipes, cutting quills and heraldry through re-enactment groups and suppliers of medieval items.
Compagnia del Leone
Our Association is determined to reconstruct how an italian mercenary group of soldiers used to live in the Romagna area between 1475 and 1495.
Our Association exists and has been popular in the reenactment panorama for many years, this is the reason why we have gained a long experience in reproducing accurate historical scenes.  
Companie of Saynte George.
(International group)
The COMPANIE OF SAYNTE GEORGE tries to bring to life a small late medieval 15th century military company of castle garrison with its attendant craftsmen and their families. Normally we portray a company in Burgundian service. This perfectly suits the mixture of nationalities that make up our membership
Apud-Angeron 1250
Apud-Angeron is a group dedicated to the half of 13th century
A group dedicated to the historical fencing
Condottieri Mauriziani 1475
Their aim is to build a group of mercenary at the 15th century in the serve of Friedrich the 3rd (1415 – 1493).
Winneburger tross
Soldiers and staff of a german medieval fortress in 1470 to 1490
Les compagnons de Rougemont
They are a medieval company centred on second half of the hundred year war (XV century) and represent a group of soldier with their wives and their children but we also make craft industry.
Friend sites
The Company of Chivalry
(United Kingdom)
We are a medieval re-enactment group based in the UK. We research life,both civilian and military, in the late 14thC.